Like many other High Desert communities, Barstow CA has been hit hard by the current economic crisis.  In spite of their every effort, many families have already lost their homes. And, it seems that every time there is a crisis, there are people who want to prey upon those who have already been injured!  Just this past week I was stunned to hear about those who were looting the homes of the families forced to evacuate during the recent Colorado fires.  Talk about kicking someone when they are down!

Well, the current housing crisis is no different. Many are trying to get rich by preying on individuals who are already struggling through this financial recession.  Desperate homeowners are looking for help.  They find someone who offers some hope, only to find that the "hope" turns out to be a scam. Now, the unfortunate homeowner finds himself in worse condition than before!  CAR (the California Association of Realtors) has some good advice.  Take a minute to listen.  Even if you don't need the advice, you may know a friend who could use the help.

The Agents at EXIT Strategy Realty are here to help you. We will do our best to answer your questions or we will direct you to reputable sources that will be able to answer the questions you have. "Exit" means safe passage.  We will make every effort to guide you through the treacherous hazards of this current economic crisis.

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